Gamify Everything


Nothing matters.

(At least as much as you think it does.) 

Business, the economy, life — it’s all a giant sandbox for big kids in weird clothes to play around. 

In this episode:

Dominic and Xander discuss: 

-How to gamify your life
-What Games Have:

-Points (metrics)
-An ending
-No meaning that we don’t assign
-Cheat codes
-The internet


-Math and visual learning

-Influence and compliance

Fear and Excitement


In this episode:

Dominic, Xander, and Derrick discuss fear and excitement.

-Insecure habits
-Physiology of fear and excitement
-Tools to manage fear

Entrepreneur Fatigue


In this episode:

Dominic and Xander discuss entrepreneur fatigue and stand close to trains.

-How can you be original?
-What are you adding to the conversation?
-What’s next in the world of communication?

Wisdom in Numbers

It’s easy to talk with people we relate to about specific topics, but those we connect with are not always the best resource on the subject, regardless of how accessible they are.

That’s why there is great insight in seeking wisdom in numbers.

We love our friends. We relate to our friends. We (hopefully) know each other deeply. See each other. But I noticed something in my own life: while affirming, these conversations are not always productive.

My friends and I weren’t getting anywhere when we shared our broken hearts and foiled plans. We were simply exploring the content. I’m grateful that we created an open, non-judgmental space for this type of dialogue, but it wasn’t enough.

I wanted progress.

So we decided to consult the experts. I bought a book on the subject we had been discussing. The topic was relationships. I invited my friends to join me. They did. And now we have meaningful, powerful discourse inspired by highly-informed experts who have spent their lives studying the topic. We have a shared space to receive and expand.

It’s efficient.

We’re spending the same number of minutes, give or take, in these discussions — but we’re learning. We have submitted ourselves to the sage, sought out the shaman, and invited each other to grow.

Seek wisdom in numbers.